Frankenstein sings

Wednesday, 16 November 2011
A musical version of the history of Doctor Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster, based on Wojciech Kościelniak’s script and direction, will be the first premiere of the Capitol Music Theatre this season. The premiere will be held on 23 November at the Capitol Music Theatre in Wrocław. The main parts will be played by Mariusz Kiljan as Doctor Frankenstein and by Cezary Studniak as Frankenstein’s Monster.
The production is based on Mary Shelley’s famous novel published in 1818. The idea was conceived two years before at Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
Wojciech Kościelniak talks about the show (Rzeczpospolita, 16 November 2011):
“I propose play with horror to the audience”, says Wojciech Kościelniak, director and script writer. “In theatre, especially music theatre, horror in earnest can amuse more than terrify. However, the show will not be a parody or farce. I want to evoke a whole range of emotions – to amuse, to move, and to perturb the audience.” (…)
“The murderous creature became a pop culture icon, but also a symbol of primeval evil and irrational fear”, says Kościelniak. “A musical need not be easy and pleasant entertainment. Shelley’s story seems banal, but gives food for thought. I show a genius obsessed with a destructive desire for success, as well as the monstrous consequences of putting oneself in the role of God.”

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